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Annual statistics for the Campus Security & Fire Safety Annual Report (opens in a new tab), as well as information on our Drug & Alcohol Prevention Program (opens in a new tab) are available online for all App State students, staff and faculty to review.

Code Highlight - Amnesty

Amnesty strives to promote a culture in which students actively seek help for themselves or others if/when needed. It is most often applied to situations in which substances were used and impacted someone’s health, safety, and/or wellbeing, but can also be applied to situations in which someone experienced relationship violence, sex-based misconduct, sex/gender-based harassment/discrimination, or was the victim of a crime while under the influence of any substance(s).

Amnesty offers a level of protection from status outcomes for some behavior(s) that violate the Code of Student Conduct. The process instead focuses on the development and completion of an educational action plan to address the underlying behavior(s). The action plan is developed from a harm reduction model, focused on understanding what happened, why it happened and preventing recurrence. The action plan offers pathways for reflection, connection to campus/community resources and an opportunity to demonstrate learning/growth. Amnesty can be offered for any relevant situation(s) and is not limited to a one-time use/application.